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Candidate for Maine State Senate District 11

About Chip


Chip Curry’s career as an educator, academic advisor, and youth development advocate has been driven by a calling to help people of all ages reach their highest potential. He lives in Belfast with his wife of 25 years, Christi, their teenage daughter, and Christi's mom. Christi is a long-time teacher and Waldo County Teacher of the Year honoree. As a family, they care deeply about lifelong learning.

Curry knows how to fight for Waldo County in Augusta because he’s done it. He served on the Maine Legislative Taskforce on Quality Afterschool Programming, the Maine Commission for Community Service, and the Blaine House Conference on Volunteerism. Through his years of work with the Governor’s Children’s Cabinet, he supported hundreds of community initiatives across the state designed to improve the lives of children.

He is a proud member of the Belfast Curling Club, the Northport Golf Club and has supported many local organizations like Our Town Belfast, Belfast Parks and Recreation Commission, and the Belfast Maskers in volunteer and leadership roles through the years. For the past 24 years he has also volunteered as a set builder for Searsport District High School’s Theater Department. Chip currently serves as the Chair of the Maine Community Foundation's Waldo County Fund, and Co-Chair of the UMA Professional Employees Association.

Fighting for ALL of Waldo County


I am inspired by the homegrown creativity and entrepreneurship at work in our communities and will work for concrete changes to support it further:

BROADBAND ACCESS - We need broadband everywhere in the county. It is a minimum requirement for attracting and growing businesses, not to mention being critical for education and tele-medicine.

NETWORKS OF SUPPORT - We need to better connect our small business leaders and entrepreneurs with networks of support including peers, advisors, potential customers, and investors.

PUBLIC/PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP - We can work with our Universities to promote rural economic development and we need to access more private and public capital to invest in the growth of our local businesses.


We have an incredible opportunity in our state and here locally to create jobs for the future while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Every year we send billions of or hard-earned dollars out of state to purchase the fuel and electricity we need to meet our energy needs. We need to invest more of those dollars here in affordable renewable energy. In the process we will create good paying jobs in Waldo County and transition to a far more sustainable energy policy.

Climate change is real and we need to make our communities resilient in preparation for the impacts that can no longer be prevented. We also must lead the way to prevent the worst impacts of climate change from becoming a reality for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.


Having worked as an advisor and teacher with students aged 4 to 74, I’ve seen education transform lives. We need to create and sustain organizations that engage children and build skills for life-long learning. I support increasing rural access to high quality early child education as well as investing in our K-12 schools including our Career and Tech schools. But we cannot do this on the backs of local property tax payers. I support raising the state contribution to schools to the 55% level mandated by the people of Maine through multiple votes.

For our adults and those seeking to join the workforce for the first time, we need fast, affordable, and accessible ways for people to earn credentials that set them up for good paying jobs right here in Waldo County. We need to put a specific focus on preparing people for high wage, high growth fields including: the trades, technology, health care, and our heritage industries such as ship building, farming, fisheries, and aquaculture.


We must balance our priorities and cannot continue to tax ourselves out of the communities we love. There will be harsh realities we will have to face, especially as we recover from this pandemic and its economic aftermath. I will prioritize meeting immediate needs, preventing shifts from state to property taxes, and investing in efforts that have long-term human and economic benefits.


Rural Maine has a long tradition of responsible firearm ownership. Guns in Waldo county are important tools for hunting, sport, and protection of home and family. Like most Mainers, I support the use of background checks to hinder criminals from accessing guns. Since the vast majority of gun deaths in Maine are the result of suicide, I support working with gun safety educators to increase awareness of strategies gun owners can use to reduce the risk of guns being used in a suicide attempt.


For far too many in our county, seeing a doctor involves driving an hour or more away. In addition to increasing access to doctors, we need to ensure the strength and viability of our health clinics and our own Waldo County General Hospital (WCGH). Health care funding is a huge national battle, and I will champion policies that best serve our rural communities.

This past year my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am convinced that she is much more likely to survive this because of the quality of care she received right here in Waldo county. I also know her prognosis was significantly impacted by the fact we are insured. I believe all people deserve this level of care and should not be bankrupted by it. A moral society provides access to affordable health care.


Ours is the oldest state of the union, and our seniors deserve a place to live healthy, involved, and secure lives. Waldo County seniors often have more trouble getting around, and many already struggle with isolation and access to health care; the pandemic has heightened these challenges.

We need to improve transportation options, strengthen the direct care workforce, address food insecurity and home heating challenges. We have amazing resources in Waldo County and many dedicated volunteers, but we need to support those community initiatives at the state level. We need to step up for our seniors, for their families, and for those who provide them with care. Waldo County needs to be a great place to grow up, make a living, raise a healthy family, and retire with confidence.


When we are serving the people of Maine and spending taxpayer money, we have a responsibility to be accountable and to evaluate our outcomes. If a program (however well- intentioned) is not working, it needs to be quickly changed or ended. On the other hand, there are programs that make a significant difference in the lives of Mainers as well as have long term financial benefits that should be expanded. Current efforts in Juvenile Justice reform and drug courts are two such examples of smarter government. I will champion efforts that make a real difference in the lives of Mainers and seek to end wasteful inefficient uses of taxpayer money.


A principle of my faith is that we all have inherent worth and dignity. This principle challenges me: to always see the humanity in others; to combat the stifling impacts of generational poverty; to seek out ways for people who have harmed others to redeem themselves and repair the harm; and to engage honestly and openly with those I disagree. And when I fall short, It reminds me of my own worth and dignity and challenges me to continue to grow, to learn, to do better. I am inspired by the quote by Maya Angelou “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”


I want to hear from YOU about the issues that matter most to you and your family. As we continue to practice social distancing during the covid-19 pandemic, I will be doing my very best to reach out to as many people in Waldo County as possible via phone and virtual conferencing, through social media, and our campaign e-newsletter.

I welcome hearing from you - knowing your concerns, ideas, and hopes will inform my work in Augusta as Waldo County's next State Senator. Please, do not hesitate to reach out to me: 207-323-9976 (my personal cell phone),, or via the contact form on this site. Thank you!



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Chip Through The Years

Top: At home with Christi in Knox 2001, presenting at Palermo Town Meeting, family hiking trip to Acadia, family picnic at school, touring renovations at 3 Tides and Marshall Brewing Company with owner/contractor Dann Waldron. Bottom: Presenting at The Blaine House, recognizing Christi for Waldo County Teacher of the year with Senator Herbig, 4th of July parade 2012, awarding Maine Community Foundation grant recipient Cold Comfort Community Theater.


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